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Road to Mae Yen Waterfall

EN: The Beauty & the Pain

The rainy season in Pai is truly the most beautiful time of year. The rivers & creeks flow, …

Meeting with Pai Sawapor & Phu Gong Gup

EN: Prominent Bar Owners MIA

There have been quite a few posts written recently talking specifically about the strict policing of bar & …

Kids Can Do Cool Candid

EN: Kids Can Do Cool Candid

Jo, who works for one of the various international non government organizations working with impoverishd Burmese children in the border …


EN: Guns Drawn at Dawn?

I’m not quite sure of what actually went on here & it’s not like I’m going to be …


EN: Koreans Scamming or Scammed?

I heard an interesting story the other day about some Korean travellers who stayed up at a resort that I …

Bebop Open & Rocking!

EN: Bebop Open & Rocking!

Kind of ironic how literally one & half hours after The Pai Tourism Club finishes its meeting (in …

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