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EN: Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat 28th Dec to 30th Dec 2012

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Join the Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat on the 28th Dec to 30th Dec 2012.  This is a beautiful opportunity to dive into your innermost stillness. A variety of techniques such as guided meditations, awareness exercises, dance, movement, voice, Osho active as well as some ancient methods of meditation.

These techniques are conducted in a playful way where the search for silence and for the joyful heart of the innocent child can dance together. Your eyes can become innocent, like a newborn baby … simple and full of wonder.

No prerequisites are required.

Price: 58 Euros (appox. 2300 Baht), including vegetarian lunch and dinner, (5 meals in total). We provide accommodation in our guesthouses or simple sleeping arrangements in the Meditation Hall for extra cost.

For more information click the following link: http://the-womb.com/programs.php?lang=2

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