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EN: Nukunu to offer his Wonderful Teachings at the Open Mind Centre in Pai

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The Open Mind Centre is pleased to announce that Nukunu will be offering some of his wonderful teachings in Pai.

Their working outline for topics are:

  • Non-dual therapy – retreat/intensive
  • Dharma doors – retreat/intensive (follows on from Non-dual therapy retreat, most people will be taking both)
  • Open Satsangs

Nukunu’s work is unusually deep, direct and accessible. He works interactively – with disarming directness and softness – combining methods of contemporary psychology with a deep spiritual realisation and wisdom. This makes his teachings unusually relevant to western seekers, western conditioning, and western lifestyles.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience and practice with an internationally recognised teacher.

From Nukunu’s web site:

Man himself is truth!
In a moment of total presence, in a moment of silence,
in a moment of no grasping and rejecting – it is suddenly obvious.

It has been there all the time, silently waiting.
Truth is very respectful. It does not interfere. It can wait for eternity.
As long as we are busy “looking” for the truth, it waits until we are ready to dissolve and be it.

As a spiritual teacher Nukunu works both with individual sessions and groups. He has been working with therapy and meditation for the last 30 years and combines these experiences with his insights from different spiritual traditions.

Nukunus basic teaching is “to be what is, as it is”. In this simple understanding the mind stops fighting itself. In a moment of no fight, the truth reveals itself in its simplicity and purity. It is a wordless answer that silences the mind forever.

Nukunu was born in Denmark in 1947. He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy and a Master in Psychology. He has worked as a psychotherapist and given lectures on Gestalt, psychodrama, primal therapy, NLP and meditation for 30 years. Over that period of time he was a student of living teachers like Osho Rajneesh, Punjaji and Maharaji. After a radical awakening experience in March 1995 his work changed and he now became became focused on transmitting the non-dual through satsangs, intensives and retreats.

For more information please vist the Open Mind Meditation Centre Website


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