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EN: Chanting for Peace, New Years Eve 2012 at OMC

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This event will be a  joyous and soulful way to let go the old and bring in the new with a special evening of chanting, reflection, sharing and fun.

The 2010 event in Perth Australia, organized in part by Mana was a great success in raising hundreds of dollars for the women and children of Afghanistan and he has planned to put together a similar event  for new year’s eve 2012 here in Pai.

Mana and friends will be leading devotional chanting with songs invoking the divine from different traditions around the world. Open to all with an interest in singing, dance, poetry etc as pathways to the divine within all our hearts. Tell your friends and join them for this popular event  to be held at OM Centre. For more information on whats on, contact please refer to the Open Mind Center Website.


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