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TH/EN: Chanvut’s New Art Gallery

Chanvut, the architect that designed Sipsongpanna,  Pai Vieng Fah & the renovated Is Am Are Resort (just to name a few) has opened his new art gallery in Vieng Nuer. P’Chan as he is known, is one of Pai’s favourite artists.

To get to his gallery drive out towards Vieng Nuer from Pai.

You start by crossing the bridge just past Buffalo Hill. Then drive 5om past the Bamboo & Don’t Cry bars & turn left. From here follow the road for about 3km until you enter Vieng Nuer where you take the first sealed road to the right.

The Art Gallery is the last house on the left before you reach the Darapai Resort. All are welcome to check out his wonderful work.

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มีใครสนใจงานอาร์ทเชิญไปชมกันได้ที่ GRU Shop Gallery ตั้งอยู่ที่สุดซอยอนามัยเวียงเหนือ ต.เวียงเหนือ อ.ปาย , โทร : 08 3566 7789

Below is a selection of his latest works:

P Chan

P Chan

P Chan

P Chan

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