EN: Need to replace your Flip Flops?

The Niyom shop in Walking Street Pai is a little bit different to many of the other souvenir shops that surround it. They have a practical side to their business because they’ve figured out that there is a market, not only for souvenir t-shirts, but more so, for flip flops.

Now you might scoff at this but break your flip flops tomorrow & then walk around all day on your  size 11 callous encrusted feet trying to find a replacement pair. I bet you’re going to be out of luck unless you head into Walking Street & Niyom Pai.

Mac, the owner of Niyom Pai, stocks a large variety of flip flop in all sizes, type & color. In fact he’s probably got a pair of flip flops to suit the most bent, pedantic twinkle toe indecisive “the colors don’t match my eyes” type of shopper out there!

So if you need a new set of flip flops, you now know where to go to get them.


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Galletto is a surprisingly accurate yet indolent journalist that volunteers as a part time guest writer for the Pai Explorer Map & Blog.