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EN: The Rasta Art Bar & Boyd Rasta

Many of us don’t realize it, but there are actually 3 late night bars in Pai. Don’t Cry, Bamboo (Pai’s first late night bar) & now the Rasta Art Bar which is tucked in between Don’t Cry & Bamboo.

Khun Boyd (or Boyd Rasta) was one of the guitar players in the now defunct “Ugly Bug” band. They were quite famous in Chiang Mai playing many venues such as the Riverside, Warm Up & Rasta Chiang Mai.

Boyd is actually still one of the partners in the Rasta Bar in Chiang Mai & because of its success there; decided to open another in Pai.

If you’re into Ska, Dub, Reggae then this is the place to go when all other bars close. They often invite bands to play & as such, live music is very much a part of the Rasta Art Bar scene. Just keep your eyes open for their flyers whenever they put on a party.

also, when your out at Don’t Cry or Rasta in the evening you will notice many murals adorning the walls of both bars. Boyd is, amongst being a musician & bamboo tattooist, an urban artist. Check out the pop art that adorns the walls.

Boyd Rasta Bar

Boyd Rasta Bar

Boyd Rasta Bar

 Boyd Rasta Bar

PBoyd Rasta Bar

Boyd Rasta Art Bar

 Boyd Rasta Bar



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