EN: The Paina Paita Shop & Farm

The Paina Paita resort is very much about keeping in touch with the environment and as such they opt to produce & sell their own range of clothes, jewelry & handicrafts.

Every piece they create is unique, buying their cotton, silk & hemp from the local Hill Tribe people.

They use many natural products in their designs such as Thai silver, beads & stones which are bountiful in this area and they also run workshops where they would love to teach you what can be accomplished with so little.

At Paina  Paita you can also offer learn the secrets of Thai cooking as well as an introduction to organic farming. They grow many of the fruits and vegetables used in their cooking on the resort itself.

If you are interested in learning more about Paina Paita the you can contact them directly at email address: or by searching for suparatana tilapat on facebook.


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