EN: Oak & Wan’s Inspire Gallery Café

Inspire Gallery Cafe

Oak & Wan had the soft opening of their new Inspire Gallery Café today, located next to Cbar on the traffic light intersection of Bank street.

The business is part restaurant, part gallery, part café. It combines all these elements to perfection making a trendy, nouveau meeting place. The menu comprises French favorites such as Quiche (60 Baht) lined up against the more traditional English fare of Fish & Chips (120 Baht). I took on both of these today & instead of babbling about how good they were, I’ve decided to let the pictures do the talking. (and yes, the fish & chips came with real tartar sauce)

Coffee, tea, chocolate, sweets, toasties & plenty of photographic art on the wall which, incidentally, is also for sale.

The other special thing which I enjoyed about the place today is that it is air-conditioned making a nice respite from the sticky heat we’re suffering at present. They don’t have the Wifi connected yet but it’s coming so I see this place becoming a hub for a multitude of local laptop users.

Inspire Gallery Cafe


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