EN: The Da Vinci Ice-Cream Gelateria

Da Vinci Gelateria

I don’t know a single person who hates ice-cream. It’s literally impossible to hate ice-cream even if it’s one of those cheap & nasty mass manufactured Cornetto’s from the “Walls” ice-cream company.

So what is, may you ask, better than a mass manufactured ice-cream? Well, home-made of course.

Now in Pai we have a few good Bakers working on the quiet & one or two people making cheeses but did you know that the Da Vinci Gelateria on Bank Street, also produces 100% all natural homemade ice-cream!

Now at 39 Baht a scoop it’s not the cheapest treat on the block but it sure is quality. So if you feel like slashing out, you now know where to find the only all natural home-made ice-cream in town.

Da Vinci Gelateria

Da Vinci Gelateria Bank Street Pai

Da Vinci Gelateria Pai

Da Vinci Gelateria Bank Street Pai


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