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EN: Cultural Immersion @ the Lisu Lodge

The Lisu Lodge is about 31km from Pai at Ban Nam Rin and is renowned for offering its guests a unique cultural immersion into real Lisu tribal life, not what you see on the streets of Pai.

The Lodge itself is a pleasant little guesthouse with some nice A-frame chalets set in a well kept garden. It’s quite a walk right through the village (about 500m) from the drop of point on HWY 1095 to reach the guesthouse, which is situated on the hill on the far side of Ban Nam Rin, so be prepared to sweat in the sun trudging uphill if you haven’t rung ahead.

Run by a friendly & helpful German called Rudi, the lodge is well organized (he is German) with clean, simple but comfortable chalets. Thai, English and German are spoken with internet available for those who absolutely need to stay connected and a simple little cafe.

Lisu Lodge
Lisu Lodge A Frame Chalets




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