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Bars Closed by Local Petition

A few months ago I wrote a small post about a meeting held at the Pai police station between Pai bar owners, the Police & their alleged intimidating behavior towards the bars in Pai & a third party of Phu Yai Baan’s & Gumnums (Village & Tambon Heads).

The meeting was held to discuss the enforced closure of the late night bars & the prompt shutting down of the all other bars in town at midnight from all parties perspectives.

The article is Referenced Here for those interested & it seems that for all the bar owners missing in action on that day, their choice to ignore the ‘local delegation’ has come back to bite them in the ass.

As I understand it a petition containing the signatures of some 87 prominent locals has been sent to the head of the TESA Baan complaining about the excessive noise & drunken behavior on the part of visiting foreign tourists. This has prompted once again the shut-down of all bars at Midnight and a warning letter sent (see below)  to all bar owners that they are going to be held responsible for keeping the noise down & closing on time.

Tesa Baan Warning Letter

Tesa Baan Warning Letter

I believe (for whatever that’s worth) that Pai needs it’s late night bars, they are vital for tourism & the local economy but I also understand the locals point of view in that it’s Walking Street Pai, not Walking Street Paitaya!

A second meeting between all parties is now being proposed, once again at the police station. I hope that at this time the bars owners can unify for the purpose of this meeting to try & present some viable solutions (with respect to noise & behavioral control) that will appease local leaders.

If they can do this, then these current restrictions might be eased…


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