EN: Pai Siam, Aladdin’s Cave Walking St

If you’re coming to Pai and looking to take back a small memento of your time here then Pai Siam is one of the places you must visit & browse because if you can’t find something in this Aladdin’s Cave that excites you, then no other souvenir shop on Walking Street will.

Clothes, Handicrafts, Jewelry, Silver do not do justice in describing the wares you’ll find in this exotic Pai  bazaar, & yes bazaar is the right word to describe the space because it is literally it’s own market of exotic wares.

Khun Ao (the owner) can be found there most days & when the picture below was taken, she was busy working on her amazing selection of Handcrafted Lamps which are currently featuring in the shop.

Pai Siam, Walking Street Souvenir Shop
Khun Ao, Working on her Handcrafted Lamp Shades

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