EN: Monkey Smile @ Home Cafe

Shiwadoi is a beautiful resort effectively located behind the Pai Island Resort on the way to Mae Hong Son.

As you drive out of town towards the Monday market (just before the Airport) you will see a small road that turns off to the left. Take this road and follow the signs until you arrive at the resort.

At Shiwadoi, the owners have tried to keep the resort simple and authentically natural with everything blending or melding into the natural surrounds.

They have a lovely little restaurant café surprising called “Monkey Smile @ Home” where they serve excellent fusion meals, coffee and shakes. Wifi is readily available and free to patrons so if you’re looking for a place that is quiet & away from the hustle & bustle of Pai to spend a few hours reading or online, try out the “Monkey Smile @ Home” Café at the Shiwadoi Resort.

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