EN: The Enigma of Ken’s Coffee Shop

Ken's Coffee Shop Pai Walking Street

Directly opposite the Duan Den motorcycle rental shop in central Walking Street Pai sits Ken’s Coffee shop. This quaint coffee cafe has been a long time favorite of many Pai locals but in recent months has started to grow in popularity at what seems, an exponential rate.

The recent changing of the police guard has brought many stricter policing polices, which on the surface has has seemed to be predominantly negative towards many of Pai’s bars & entertainment businesses.

Unbeknownst to many people however, the polices also affected many other traders operating on the streets of Pai forcing them to move their tables & chairs off the road & into actual business premises.

Ken’s Coffee Shop was one of these businesses but unlike the bar’s, the move to purchase increased rental space & the lateral expansion of what was predominantly “a hole in the wall coffee stand” has appeared to work in his favor.  With his compliance of the now newly enforced rules, Ken’s Coffee shop has seen a remarkable resurgence in trade to a point where more than a few locals are taking notes & counting profit margins.

Whatever the cause of his success, we wish him good luck. I know that Boom frequent’s the cafe on a regular basis as well as many other Pai expatiates claiming that it is one of the best places in Pai to get your daily fix of caffine!

Ken's Coffee Shop Pai Walking Street

Ken’s Coffee Shop Pai Walking Street

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