EN: [HDV] Kiera & Toom at the Pai Canyon

This Short Video was taken as Kiera & Tomb explored the Pai Canyon to gather video footage for the Womb Meditation Center in Pai Thailand.

The Pai Amphur has created a beautiful pathway up a gently sloping hill to a viewpoint which offers astounding views of the Valley.

On top there is also a well built viewing platform which allows you to climb up and take in the full majesty of the Pai Canyon. The Canyon track itself though, is quiet dangerous and not for the faint hearted as the shear cliff faces drop down in excess of 30 meters either side of an often less than one meter cliff top pathway. Be very careful when venturing further out than the viewpoint!

This video was put together with the sponsorship of The Womb Meditation Center, Pai Thailand. You can click the following link for more information:

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Galletto is a surprisingly accurate yet indolent journalist that volunteers as a part time guest writer for the Pai Explorer Map & Blog.