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EN: The Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat

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Join us from 27. to 29. January 2012 for The Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat

This is a beautiful opportunity to dive into your innermost stillness. We use a variety of techniques such as guided meditations, awareness exercises, dance, movement, voice — and Osho active meditations as well as some ancient methods of meditation.

These techniques are conducted in a playful way where the search for silence and for the joyful heart of the innocent child can dance together. Your eyes can become innocent, like a newborn baby … simple and full of wonder.

Price: 2,200 Baht including vegetarian lunch and dinner (6 meals). No prerequisites are required.

If you are interesting please Contact : The Womb Meditation Center Email:, Phone: 053 065 034

To see more information visit Website :,or

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The Womb Meditation Center


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The Diamond Lotus Meditation Retreat


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