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EN: Fishing’s Good Rain or Shine!

Well it might not be if you were actually stuck in the weather! The great thing about fishing at Piranha Park is that when the elements kick up you retire to bar and restaurant and put your line back in the water right in front of where your sitting.

It literally doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if the suns beating down with that “after wet” humidity/heat only experienced in the rainy season because you’ll be sitting back in your deck chair, under a ceiling fan with a 50 Baht Gin & Tonic in your hand, finger food like Pizza, Lasagna or a variety of traditional English Pub Grub picks chatting with your mates and having a laugh … and maybe, just maybe catching a fish!

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Galletto is a surprisingly accurate yet indolent journalist that volunteers as a part time guest writer for the Pai Explorer Map & Blog.