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Mexican food can refer to traditional Mexican cuisine as well as the more Americanized “Tex-Mex” cuisine found in many restaurants worldwide.

Most modern Mexican food is derivative of a hybrid of Spanish and Aztec cuisines, frequently using spices and chili peppers to enhance the flavors of meat. Corn and corn-related dishes are common, as it is one of the largest indigenous crops of the Americas.

New Mexican Restaurant in Pai is called Cafe’ Cito  and just opened last week. Located at the Wednesday Market opposite Kao Tha Cafe’.

The Owner Dustin Joseph originally from Boulder, Colorado. and he is a Chef  of the restaurant.

He also work for THE URBAN CUISINE TOUR, Connecting the world through food.

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Burrito Chicken @ Cafe’ Cito

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Chicken Quesadilla @ Cafe’ Cito

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Coffee French Toasted @ Cafe’ Cito

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Taco @ Cafe’ Cito


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