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Tom Yum Gung at Nong Best Restaurant

EN: Nong Best, Tom Yum Pla Kung

Nong Best is a Thai restaurant located about 500 meters past the highway 1095 traffic lights on the …

Tex Mex Restaurant in Pai

EN: BBQ Ribs at the Mexican Grill

What distinguishes the Mexican Grill from other restaurants is the quality of their kitchen, chef, restaurant decor and …

The Mexican Grill Pai

EN: Mexican Grill Sophistication

There is only one restaurant in Pai which has been built to an exacting degree, offers air-conditioned comfort …

Shiwadoi Resort Pai Thailand

EN: Monkey Smile @ Home Cafe

Shiwadoi is a beautiful resort effectively located behind the Pai Island Resort on the way to Mae Hong …

The Pai Explorer Map & Blog

EN: The Burger House

Welcome to the Burger House, Pai Thailand. Breakfast, Burgers, Baguettes, Dinner & now excellent value rooms for friends …

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