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Buffalo Hill

EN: Live Music at Buffalo Hill

Buffalo Hill has been around now for nearly 5 years. Unlike it’s sister business the Buffalo Exchange, the …

Edible Jazz Pai

EN: Live Music at Edible Jazz

Edible Jazz is cozy little bar located in a small lane just of Walking Street. As you pass …

Dilligaf Pai

EN: Dilligaf, Pai’s Biker Bar

Dilligaf, which is an acronym for ‘Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck’, was Pai’s first biker …

Nancy Bar

EN: Play Pool at Nancy Bar

Hidden away in the Soi that runs past the Court House is Nancy Bar. A nice little bar …


EN: Don’t Cry open all Night!

Don’t Cry is one of 3 ‘after hour’ bars in Pai. Live DJ’s, pool table, Rasta corner, fire …


EN: Live Music at Lun Laa Bar

The Lun Laa Bar in Pai offers cocktails & other local/international beverages in a warm & cozy atmosphere. …

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